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In last few months, we have witnessed a strong global hacking effort that leads to a security risk to the ICT systems of business organizations with the aim of stealing business data and information.

As part of the global IT system, companies / organizations operating in the Croatian market are also potential targets of such attacks, which is confirmed by daily attacks on Croatian corporations and organizations that have large end-user databases.

From a security point of view, it has been shown that the traditional, pattern-based approach to protecting computers and servers is not adequate to comprehensively protect the business ICT system from increasingly advanced computer attacks. The evolution of attacks has accelerated significantly in all fields (from mass to targeted attacks) and it is precisely the financial viability of such attacks (viewed from the perspective of the attackers) that ensures their further development and increasing complexity.

To effectively prevent malicious attacks on targeted parts of the ICT system, whether on-premises or in the cloud, the implementation of a layered and comprehensive cybersecurity model is required.

STORM Computers is the leading Trend Micro partner in Croatia with the largest Trend Micro installation base - for client, server or network protection. Trend Micro solutions are layered and the best on the market in solving the security problems, as evidenced by the independent research companies such as NSS LABS, Forrester research company and Gartner. Our users' experiences also confirm the above, whether they are users who use Trend Micro solutions to protect client computers, servers, specific network segments / entire network, or useadvanced detection technology for unknown or targeted attacks by executing files in an isolated environment (sandbox). Trend Micro solutions (grouped into several units) can be seen at the following link.

Considering the complexity (breadth of a portfolio) of Trend Micro solutions, we are at your disposal for more detailed information on possible solutions to protect your ICT system.