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IT system administration and supervision

The complexity and segmentation of IT systems require effective solutions for administration and supervision. Quality monitoring solutions that enable preventive actions, reduce the frequency of outages and situations in which work with IT services is slow or difficult, and thus have a positive impact on business costs and speed up daily operations.

Nowadays, every modern IT environment requires systems for management (administration) and monitoring of all parts of IT systems, which is achieved by implementing a complete solution for managing and monitoring servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location. Implementing appropriate solutions that encompass Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems speeds up and simplifies desktop and server environment management, and reduces downtime to a minimum.

Using appropriate solutions that cover the physical and virtual infrastructure, along with centralized management consoles that combine multiple management tools, simplifies all routines for managing computers and mobile devices.

In addition to managing a variety of network environments, managing multi-domain computers, mobile users, and mobile content is a particular challenge. Our solutions enable the management of geographically distributed computers as well as mobile users from a central management console.

The basic activities in the administration and supervision of IT systems that we encounter are:

  • Automation of regular support activities on remote computers
  • Standardizing OS and application configurations in a network environment
  • Enabling security and functional operating system upgrades
  • Troubleshoot problems on user computers in everyday work (desktop management)
  • Up-to-date condition of IT assets (asset management)

Our NOC (Network Operating Center) is responsible for the administration and supervision of IT systems and provides its services in 24x7x365 mode. We provide all users of our services with an automated alert system via email and phone calls, and we prepare monthly and quarterly reports on all performed activities during the month with the detailed status of their IT system (resource occupancy, use of critical systems, and services, number and type of incidents, etc.).


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