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A successful business requires correct and functional IT equipment. Mechanical failures, deficiencies at the software level, and many other potential problems affect the operation of the entire system. Regardless of the manufacturer and the quality of the installed components and the quality of workmanship, the fact is that IT equipment breaks down. Having quality service at your disposal and getting fast and quality support when this happens is extremely important.

By investing in the development of our experts, quality education, and many years of experience in the maintenance and repair of computers, laptops, servers and disk systems, and network equipment of established world brands (Cisco, HPE, HP, Dell, Aruba, Fortinet, etc.) we can rectify the fault as soon as possible.

We have our warehouse of spare parts, and if the malfunction can not be eliminated in a short time, we offer the possibility of using a replacement device.

Through our service we provide:

  • complete delivery, installation, maintenance, and servicing:
    • personal computers, laptops, and workstations
    • network equipment (active and passive)
    • servers and storage devices
  • services for the elimination of a wide range of technical failures on equipment caused by:
    • operation of defective components, physical damage
    • inadequate drivers, operating system deficiencies, and associated application solutions
  • customized technical support services according to the defined SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Our employees have a high level of knowledge and all the necessary technical certificates and they have many years of experience in servicing and maintenance.


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