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Many years of presence, a high level of expertise, and continuous adoption of new knowledge have positioned us as one of the leading Croatian companies in the field of development, implementation, and maintenance of complex and comprehensive business information and commu­nication systems.

With a full range of support services for customers and partners, STORM experts are committed to helping you maximize your technology to gain a competitive advantage in your business.

We can offer you direct support from experts who understand your specific needs to help you get the most from our solutions.

Our employees have a high level of knowledge and all the necessary technical certificates, and through our support service we provide you with:

  • Developing complete IT solutions

  • Consulting services

  • Proactive and reactive maintenance

  • IT system administration and supervision

  • IT equipment service

Focus your resources on core business, while we keep your IT operations running smoothly - long after your work day ends. Our wide array of man­aged services covers all your infrastructure, security, and user experience needs.


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