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Developing complete IT solutions

Developing complete IT solutions is a process in which the plan, organization, and implementation of information technologies are managed to achieve business goals.

Accelerated development of information technologies is a challenge in monitoring new solutions, their evaluation, and integration into existing information systems. Systematic monitoring of the latest technological achievements allows us, according to user needs, to provide a comprehensive service of creating and implementing solutions using modern methodologies that reduce business and technological risks and improve customer business processes.

Developing and implementation processes include:

  • System design and planning
    • Finalization of project requirements
    • Assignment of tasks and project management tools
    • Preparation of project documentation
  • System implementation
    • Execution of the project according to the design and project plan
    • The project team controls work, resources, cost, quality, and risk
  • System testing
    • Stress tests of the system
    • Identification of deficiencies
    • Elimination of observed deficiencies
  • Documentation
    • Preparation of documentation of the derived condition
  • System maintenance
    • Preventive and corrective activities
    • Maintenance of the entire system infrastructure


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