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STORM became a member of the CroAI Association

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Croatia has a unique opportunity to become the center of the world for the development and testing of solutions based on artificial intelligence. Following the development of world trends in the IT industry, we at STORM have long recognized the importance and impact of AI and ML technologies on the development of the IT services market and have included them in our offer. Today, we are the exclusive NVIDIA partner for AI solutions in Croatia, and we offer a range of infrastructure solutions that include the best of NVIDIA's reference AI architecture. We deliver them as fully integrated solutions ready for implementation. Also, as a Platinum partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we offer solutions based on the Ezmeral platform and the Apollo line of servers designed to operate machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.

Following the state of the AI market in Croatia, we recognized the potential for the development of the AI market and became a member of the CRO AI Association, whose work we support. CroAI, the Croatian Association for Artificial Intelligence, was founded in December 2019 and brings together leading companies and startups in the field of artificial intelligence in Croatia and seeks to position Croatia as a country of unique opportunities for the development of human-oriented artificial intelligence through a culture of dialogue between entrepreneurs and decision-makers at national and European level. You can find out more about the Association and its members on the official website of the Association.