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STORM became a Nutanix Partner!

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Years of experience, competence, and reliability have ensured us partnerships with the world's leading IT companies, and now we have added another global company to our list of realized partnerships. STORM Computers has become a Nutanix Partner!

Nutanix is ​​a leader in business cloud solutions that develops solutions built on the currently most popular technology - hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), which combines: computer processes, virtualization, data storage, networking, and security. The Nutanix solution enables control and management of a company's data center in a secure, cost-effective, and efficient way. The complex system of hardware and heterogeneous services, which was once difficult to maintain, is now controlled easily and efficiently with the help of Nutanix software.

The new partnership is another confirmation that with a high level of expertise and continuous adoption of new technologies, investing in education and specialization of its employees, STORM Computers has positioned itself as one of the leading Croatian companies in the development, implementation and maintenance of complex and comprehensive business information and communication systems.