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STORM Group has introduced measures for coronavirus (COVID-19)

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As a responsible employer and reliable partner, we monitor current situation with coronavirus (COVID - 19) daily. In entire STORM Group, we have formed a team within the Group's Management Board which based on instructions of health authorities and institutions implements all necessary safety measures related to our work, taking into account the health of all of us and ensuring business continuity for all our customers. It is our responsibility to all our employees, partners and customers.

In order to further protect the health of our employees, it was decided to split our employees into teams working from home and teams working in the office.

Employees whose work cannot be done unhindered from home continue to work in their workplaces (at the STORM Group premises and the field) as we must also take care of our customers and their business needs in these challenging times. For employees who will continue to work in the STORM Group premises and in the field, we have ensured maximum health protectionduring the performance og their duties (enhanced space cleaning, disinfection and other necessary hygiene conditions).

Among the measures we have taken, we emphasize the postponement of all business trips abroad, the limitation of business trips in Croatia, and the strict recommendation to postpone all private trips.

Reducing the number of live meetings is also recommended. All STORM Group member companies, as technology companies, have all the necessary infrastructure and tools we need to ensure business continuity and support for all our customers, and we will be there for you in every step of your business as before.